Check back periodically for fresh podcasts from Motongator Joe.  Listen to his thoughts and ideas on everything from life on the road to the country music business today and more!

Motongator Joe has a habit for being 'frank' and 'telling it like it is' along with consistently using his favorite 'tavern language' DURING THESE PODCASTS

The New Drummer & Peeing in the Tour Bus

Discussing the art of peeing in a moving tour bus - and more

Length 3:04

Quick Short Jabs

Sam and Jerry have an experience in attempted humor & quick, short jabs

Length 3:28

Country Music Business Today

The low down on the country music business

Length 4:26

CD Sales - Downloads - Country Music Biz

Motongator Joe touches on capitalizing to the fullest extent on your country music cd sales and country music downloads


Length 5:08

Record Deal No More

The death of the Nashville Record Deal and what you can do about it.

Length 6:41

Motongator Joe & the Religion of Hunting Camp

Motongator Joe comments on the ever sacred Hunting Camp

Length 2:27

Birds Under My Ass and Other Thoughts

Motongator Joe's finished with his airplane engine, listen to the update


Length 3:16