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A ton of artists (mostly new) will try to wow you with "fluff" i.e. hype and glamorous explanations of how their music or performance will move you.  With Motongator Joe it's simple.... he has been everywhere at least twice, from the tip top of Canada's Oil Sands to the bottom of Texas hitting every honky tonk and Jukejoint!  Motongator Joe is an aggressive entertainer who has NEVER missed a show (over 2500 and counting) with the road experience of 10 normal "musician/artists" he holds the record of any independent artist by performing over 273 show dates in one year!  Playing in front of 85,000 people at huge festivals to just a couple dozen at some roadside dives, the show is the same, full of great music, energy, personality and "beer-selling" entertainment!  Joe says "if you cant sell beer you don't deserve to be on a Country Music Stage"!

Just the facts here... Motongator Joe has honed his entertaining skills since a very young age while touring and playing in a number of Grand Ole Opry and chart topping Country Stars bands, and he has the stories and scars to prove it.

Joe's background from childhood was of poverty and self-reliance.  Violating white tail deer venison and trapping game to escape hunger, also learning at a VERY early age that hard labor on local farms were his only option at the time. Joe's life he lives now is of gratefulness, awareness and respect for the world which surrounds him.  Joe methodically tours with a very keen eye on the job at hand and a relentless work ethic.

With that being said he's had some good recording success (all of which can be discovered by a simple google search) along with vast touring experience surpassing many platinum selling recording artists' longevity and experience.

Joe drives and repairs his own Eagle tour bus and has been an FAA certified pilot since the age of 19. He's survived two airplane crashes (mechanical failures) but still enjoys "bush flying" to date.

If you are traveling the back roads of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or North Eastern Wisconsin you will feel the aura around which Motongator Joe has structured his life, his love for Country Music and his fans. Yes, Motongator Joe has an agent and a management team, but still likes to be hands on to make sure he is accessible at all times. Contact Joe anytime!

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